Well, hey folks.

I hope this mail finds you well. The day job now has everyone working from home, which is the right call. It also gives me plenty of time to check out the fridge here and realise that I definitely need to order in more beer if I’m to get through any significant time stuck at the flat. 

And probably, I’m not the only one.

This update will only focus on one thing, Beer Delivery, and support during these uncertain times. Knowledge that we have our little community of locals is pretty much the only thing helping me get any sleep at the moment. Let’s get through this together.



 After the … confusing guidance given from Parliament last night, we just want to let you all know that yes indeed – A HOPPY PLACE is open, for drink in, and for take away.

Indeed – even if pubs do eventually get a HARD CLOSE, we will still be able to offer limited tastings and all take out sales as an off license, so long as the UK does not close all “non essential shops”. Frankly, I think good beer is absolutely essential so we’ll fight that too, but let’s see where things end up… I need beer more than I need bog roll. I can wash in the sink but I can’t drink water. Let’s be serious. 

So yes we are open but with just a couple of small changes. I want you to know that I take this incredibly seriously. We all know someone vulnerable and all three of Jason, Naomi and I feel that acutely.

We’ll be re-sanitising all fridges, tables and chairs regularly, and you’ll also notice staff washing their hands even more often than we usually do. But please, during this time we really really need your support. If you do not need to self isolate: please come in. With over 150 products in stock for drink in *or* take out at time of writing, you probably need a stiff drink, and we can help. We’ll probably join you.

Our only request is don’t come in if you feel unwell, we reiterate: Please be responsible and don’t come in if you feel unwell. 



So – if you aren’t able to travel to us, do you need some beers to drink at home? We have you covered. Self isolate like a boss with A Hoppy Place. 

As always, all take out is 20% off and available to browse on our website at https://ahoppyplace.co.uk/live-stock-list/. We’re also super close to launching our web store, but in the mean time: 

Effective immediately, we are offering FREE* same day delivery to SL4 of all of our stock for phone and email orders, for those that can’t travel. **

PLUS we will offer 30% off all tap wall drinks into our cans! Yep – Any kegged product into an aluminium can with 30% off the usual pint price. Don’t forget we can also sanitise and fill your own growlers or line marked bottles.

If this makes you Hoppy, Please go to https://ahoppyplace.co.uk/live-stock-list/ and make your selections. Send the email to beer@ahoppyplace.co.uk or call us on 01753206802 and we will get beer to you! 

And watch this space for the launch of our webstore, which will automate that process for you. Neat. 

You can also preorder beer to collect yourself, or send someone to collect on your behalf. 

*Free for orders over £45, otherwise £5. Orders before 3pm, otherwise next day.

**If you can travel in (you are well), we’d prefer you did! But if you’re stuck, we’d very much like for you to get over to us for some beer. We just ask you to travel in and collect *unless* you’re self isolating. This service is literally Dave in a car driving around in circles, to crush any dream of advanced logistics you may have harboured. At least for now (we also might have an Yvan on a bicycle and other such definitely-registered-courier based options).

Lastly, just to say… 


Guys, during this time #supportlocal – we are a young family business, you may just want good beer, but we need you. We have nearly a pallet of virucidal sanitiser in stock and we aren’t afraid to use it! Please support us, we want to be around out the other side of this.

With love,

Team A Hoppy Place, Naomi, Jason and Dave. 

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