Beer Club By A Hoppy Place

A Hoppy place now offers a monthly beer club to our wonderful members. 

Take the headache out of keeping on top of the latest trends in Craft Beer with our curated monthly beer boxes, mystery boxes – and beer bank.

What is Beer Club?

“We launched the beer club options because not everyone can get to our outlets in person, but we know that community is critical to craft beer. 
These boxes give you the opportunity to have a shared experience with our other members, whether it be because you’ve all had a mad box of stuff you’d not normally pick – or with the Beer club, because you’re all getting the same curated experience. Like going to a brewery tasting night, you’re all in it together – and can use Twtter, instagram or beer forums on Facebook and beyond to discuss what your club night have brought you this month.

The beer bank is an option we’d seen elsewhere, and there’s always been demand for it. Every month, you pay us. Every quarter, we repay you with a fantastic box of beer. It’s for those that want a regular commitment to the fantastic range of beers we’ve got, but can’t quite jump for a box every month.

There’s more to the bank than that though. Every purchase you make now comes with the option of ‘adding to beer bank’. Why is this cool? Set up your subscription, guarantee routine deliveries, but got specific beers you want to make sure you get? Check them out separately – and they’ll arrive alongside your bank order.

And remember, I am never here to force people to buy beer. Unlike our competition, there’s an easy opt-out button in the account section of this very site. Don’t want more beer? Suspend the order any time. We don’t make you sit on hold and we don’t try to trick you. 

All we want to do is get you the very best of the country’s beer, whenever you need it.

-Dave, Co-owner and IT man.

Beer Club

8 beers. £45/month

Plus gift or snack for your first month

Join the Hoppy Community with a Monthly game of “what’s in the box”

You all get the same set of beers, monthly!

With our monthly beer club, all of our members get the same monthly beer box. Join our community, and share good beer with good people. Each month will contain a selection of the latest and greatest in craft. This is not contract brewed stubbies with no flavour or short shelf lives. This is the best that craft beer has to offer, as personally chosen each month by brewer and beer sommelier Dave, co owner of A Hoppy Place.

Expect exclusive access to collabs, hype beers in your box before they’re widely available, theme months, unique gifts, and lots more.


Mystery Boxes / Beer Bank

12 beers. £55/month or £60/quarter

Plus gift or snack for your first month

Chosen based on what’s popular, plus your previous purchase history.

Available in small or large variants.  Every box is unique. 

Mystery boxes are your chance to get something you didn’t expect. We look through your order history (or order notes, for month 1 if you’re a brand new Hoppy Place customer), and then use our expertise to select you a fucking awesome box of beer.

Mystery boxes always guarantee you at least 10% better value than our web prices, which are already industry leading.

Get yourself an awesome set of beer, on the regular. Enjoy with friends and pretend you picked them all yourself! Or maybe let them know about those cool guys over at AHP.

Let's get started...

Here’s how it works…

Sign up for the Beer Club, beer bank, or the Mystery Box!!

Payments taken each month

Your box is dispatched around the 10th of each month, or quarterly for the beer bank.

Set up your Beer Club Subscription now ...

Or, live life on the wild (and even more amazing value) side ...

Whichever option you choose, we guarantee you'll love your Hoppy beer boxes, from the multi-time craft beer retailer of the year. That's us!

Subscription renews automatically but can be cancelled online at any time (though, why’d you want to?).

UNLIKE some beer clubs – you don’t need to call and wait on hold or enter into complex negotiations either. We do things better!

For full terms and conditions, see the product descriptions by clicking through using either of the buttons above!