Hoppy Club: Beer Subscription

From: £20.00 / month

Choose from the monthly bank, our beer club with shared drinkalongs and themes – or mystery boxes on a monthly basis that are always unique to you! More info here



Monthly Curated Beer Box from A Hoppy Place!

Choose from 4 options!

  • Beer club‘ allows all of our Hoppy friends to share the same, monthly beer selection. This gives you plenty of chances to talk about the beer you’ve all received online.
    • This will always be a selection of all styles of beer! Pale Ale, Stout, Lager, even Sour!
  • Beer bank‘ allows you to put money aside every month for a quarterly surprise box! Consider it a gift to your future self.
  • ‘MYSTERY BOX’ – everything!  No beer box is ever quite the same with our mystery subscription options! We’re sure you’ll see the advantages of letting our accredited beer sommeliers pick beer just for you!


Additional information

Subscription type

Beer Club – 8 beers a month, Beer Bank – £20 a month. Ships quarterly, Beer Bank – £40 a month. Ships quarterly, MYSTERY BOX – Up to 36 beers a month, MYSTERY BOX – Up to 24 beers a month, MYSTERY BOX – Up to 12 beers a month