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May 13th | Thoughts from the arbiter of the fridges | Return of A Hoppy Pub, and some new beers!


This email may or may not be recorded for training purposes.

An email to you all sooner than I’d usually fire out, because today, my gears were ground. They were ground by a post in an internet beer forum on facebook complaining about an American craft beer with a canning date, but no best before date.

The idea that I’d be sad to drink a beer because it was canned last week, but happy to drink one I knew didn’t expire till next month, was so alien it made me type words into a computer. The words below. Well, not quite directly below.

Because before that, just to remind you to read the whole mail (and don’t unsubscribe! Every time you unsubscribe the lord Jesus kills a microbrewery),  Because I’ll be announcing our next virtual pub, taking place this Friday. We’ve also added a load of new stock since the last mail out.


Seeing talk of 15 day wait periods, 5 day dispatch periods, and plenty of discussion around the most recent wave of supermarket beers hitting the shelf is making us think once again about one of the biggest issues in craft.


Have you heard of the following expression?

Turns out, it’s true.

A recent conversation on one of the bigger craft beer facebook groups led with the statement ‘I hate when American breweries give a canned date but not a best before date’.

Personally, I hate when I can’t see a canned date. Especially if I don’t know how the beer was stored.

Say I did want something cheap and hoppy in my face right now,

…And there was a supermarket within walking distance.

…And I didn’t own a bar with over 200 lines and basically have an unlimited supply of the best beer in the country (which we can get to you next working day wherever you are in the country!)

I might go and grab something like Life and Death from Vocation, in at Tesco and a bargain no doubt.

Sometimes this beer tastes fantastic. Often, it really really doesn’t. It definitely isn’t the fault of the brewers.

Which brings me onto my biggest issue with “some of” the other online beer services in the UK. Storage.

Spot the difference, if you can:

Got it yet?

Aside for a _slight_ difference in scale between TESCO and A Hoppy Place’s 4 degree direct draw cellar (direct draw meaning we keep all stock at 4 degree at all times, rather than cooling the keg beer between container and tap), you may notice that TESCO’s warehouse is actually a greenhouse.

Look at the glass roof. Imagine the temperature.

Whereas our small but perfectly formed coldstore has this guy:

So if you want craft beer as fresh as possible, make sure it’s stored properly.

Yes, Ale can condition at 12 degrees very nicely, but no beer should sit at 20 degrees or more, under bright UV lights 24/7. If that’s how you experience beer, you’re missing out.

And of course, if you aren’t careful about how your beer is shipped, it doesn’t matter how cold it was stored.

Don’t select a subscription service that has your beer with the couriers for a week or more.

Don’t select a website that has your beer lumped at 30 miles an hour into the back of a van, and from there directly into the neighbour’s hedge.

Pick one offering same day local delivery within 20km of it’s base, and next working day delivery nationwide using a specifically insured liquid carrier, to minimise the time your precious cargo is stored or is moving, before getting to you.

Pick A Hoppy Place!

Where the beer is even cold whilst we’re preparing it for delivery, staged from our cellar above, to our “back in the good old days this was a craft beer bar, far as the eyes could see” fridges up front.

And once you’ve considered all that, make damn sure you don’t have to wait 15 days from clicking the order to it being dispatched in the first place! #15daynoway

Cheers everyone, hope to be able to get the freshest of fresh craft beer in your faces, as soon as possible.

Same day local delivery on all orders placed by 15:00 daily, or next working day on orders by noon. Click and collect also available if you fancy saying hello from a safe distance.

All the best,
Dave, Naomi and Jason.


Here’s how it works… 

Local to us? We offer SAME DAY DELIVERY on all orders before 15:00, Monday to Fri, and till 17:00 on Saturday. You can also click and collect between 13:30-16:30 Monday to Saturday.

But even more, working with our highly trusted courier network we can deliver NEXT WORKING DAY NATIONWIDE! 

With over 150 beers in stock at time of writing plus ciders, softs and snacks to take us over 200 products, we are here to satisfy your beery needs, because good people deserve good beer, and they definitely don’t deserve to wait nearly 3 weeks for it.

15 day? No way!



Oh yeah.

Direct link to the zoom meeting:

VIRTUAL PUB IS BACK THIS FRIDAY! We hope to see as many of you there as possible We’ll be drinking the keg of Dark and Perilous Nights we just put on so it might get pretty stupid pretty quickly. Close the zoom on the way out please?

20:00-23:00 FRIDAY. FB event here:

We are a very welcoming bunch, so whether you’re a regular to our stream or this’d be your first time: Please do pop down and raise a glass! 

Don’t mention Ze War.

I did once but I think I got away with it.

Imagine the dilemma of recieving 20 crates of the best German Lager and Weissebier on Friday the 8th of may, the 75th anniversary of VE day.

Obviously, not one to miss out on an opportunity, we did what any right minded person would do.

We chickened out and advertised all the German Beer on Saturday instead.

Happy VE day once again to everoyone who celebrated it last week, especially those remembering those lost, those still around to remember it themselves, or really anyone else. It was nice to see the Socially Distant Street Parties whilst delivering. British resilience showing itself once again …

But the German beer *is* rather good you know ..

All online now, and stand by, as Thursday will see a HUGE top up of sours in particular. 

Not just platitudes you know..

Last of all, I just want to say, the nice things we say we really mean. We rely on the people on this mailing list to keep us going. It’s tough for everyone, not everyone can always afford craft beer, we’re stuck at home, we have personal hardships, job uncertainty. It’s a bloody awful time. 

So that you support us where you can is really noticed and really appreciated. We don’t take it lightly. Yes, we may offer quite a good service if we say so ourselves, and really really care about what we do, but nonetheless you choose us. You keep us in business and we love you all for it.

That’s it really.

I don’t have another “Paul’s Terrible Dad Joke” quite lined up yet, more next week perhaps. Plus it’d lower the tone from my heartfelt message.

Oh look, a Boobie:

Blue footed, to be precise …

With love,

Dave,  Naomi, Jason and the rest of Team Hoppy Place

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