The Kernel. India Pale Ale Double Citra Mosaic Galaxy BOT


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ABV 8.4%

This next iteration of our Double India Pale Ale feels like where one would think it should be. It is very much as its predecessor was in terms of hop profile, balance, texture, alcohol and bitterness.

The exact hops used have however evolved, along the path that we are constantly moving back and forth across.

Moving in to take the place of the Simcoe, Columbus Amarillo and Nelson Sauvin of the last Double IPA we brewed, we introduce Mosaic and Galaxy to pair with the Citra that remains constant between the two.

This brings a more modern inflection to the beer, the hops trend fruitier (tropical fruits), rounder, juicier (and slightly less citrus, less pine). Very familiar indications of a modern British Double IPA. But this beer still holds to a strong and firm bitterness, and a relative dryness and drinkability throughout. Holding things back from moving into sweetness, keeping the body light

Container size: 330ml bottle