STOUT BOUT 2.0. In person tutored tasting event. March 2nd 18:30


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STOUT BOUT 2. March 2nd. 18:30.



If only you knew the power of the Dark Side. Again.

It’s still dark outside.. But do not fight it. Embrace it. Let the beers do the fighting. ONCE YOU START DOWN THE DARK PATH, FOREVER WILL IT DOMINATE YOUR DESTINY.

A Hoppy Place are celebrating all things dark and strong this March with the RETURN of Stout Bout.  Turn away from the light.

In the red corner we have… A Stout. In the blue corner we have… Another stout!


Join us as we pit stout against stout, chocolate malt against chocolate malt, and enjoy a tutored tasting event focusing on the Dark Side of craft beer. Who needs balance in the Force…

• 9 (!) different stouts, from dry, to sticky. From crushable to pure dessert in a can decadence

• Stout versus Stout, table versus table. Prizes for the best beer of the night and the best judges of the night.

• Food to match the intensity of the beer including breads, cheeses, meats and desserts

Hosted by beer sommelier Dave Hayward, alongside beer judge Naomi Hayward. Your Hoppy place Co-owners.

£28 per ticket. 3 hour event. ONLY 15 tickets available for this exclusive event starting at 18:30 on March 2nd, 2022.

All beers and food included.