Siren Craft. High Times BOT


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ABV: 7.2%

The blend was taken from our existing stock of mixed fermentation and secondary fermentation saisons in barrel. Some of these beers were brewed specifically for barrels, and others are aged versions of previous releases. To hit his goals, Steve slowly tasted through the entire stock of wild and sour ales, around 70 barrels – of course, not in one day. Through a process of diligent note taking and an amazing ability to recognise what will ultimately work together, the stock was narrowed down to just 5 ½ barrels, all previously used for wines.

Some barrels brought drying tannins, others the aroma or acidity and some just pure flavour. With that end destination always in the back of his mind, the maestro knew what he needed… 
Barrels: Bourbon

Container size: 375ml Bottle