Polly’s Brew Co. Looking for changes CAN


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ABV 6.5%

After our incredible experience working with OG Welsh titans Purple Moose and the incredible feedback we got from our modern twist on the classic Ysgawen Pale Ale, we wanted to turn our attention to another beer that was the cornerstone of our formative craft beer drinking days. Wanting to put a modern twist on Marble’s Earl Grey IPA, we’ve brought Looking for Changes to the table. Inspired by the recipe that Marble created with Dutch masters Kees Bubberman and John de Vries, we’ve utilised Mosaic on both the hot and cold side of this beer to impart a wonderful tangerine note to play off the bergamot flavours brought to the beer by the tea leaves. Fermented out with US-05 instead of our usual house LA3 strain, this should give the beer a wonderful crisp and clean profile, perfect for a summer’s evening.

Container size: 440ml can