Polly’s Brew Co. Cashmere CAN


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ABV 6%

We’ve always had a thing for hops that have lineage based in the classics here at Polly’s. When we found out we could get access to some Cashmere this year we were positively giddy with excitement. Descended from
OG Polly’s favourite Cascade married up with UK hop Northern Brewer, Cashmere holds a lot of the characteristics of its US parent, but with an extra level added on top that make it in our opinion, one of the most underrated varietals on the planet today. Deploying 50kg into this beer, we’re going in hard on this IPA and get a
whole host of coconut, peach and tangerine on the aroma of this beer, with some added lemongrass, melon and an edge of grapefruit just to finish things off.
Welcome to the party, Cashmere! 

Container size: 440ml can