Patrons Project 24.04 // Tom J Newell // Lend Your Time // Neon Raptor & Mikkeller Brewpub London // Imperial Stout


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ABV 12%

For the latest in Tom J Newell’s stackable Impy Stout totem pole we’ve enlisted some help from Nottingham monster-stout masters Neon Raptor, and craft pioneer Mikkeller’s London outpost, the Mikkeller London Brewpub. If totem poles have taught us anything, it’s that several heads are better than one.

Tom’s last release used oat in the malt bill for a thick mouthfeel and rich body, so we’ve replicated that, along with Chocolate, Brown, and Munich malts for a complex roast, and Special B for its sweet date & raisin-like finish of our favourite Belgian dark beers.

Conditioned on coconut and cacao nibs to emphasise the malt flavours, we also added cardamom pods towards the end of the boil draw out just enough of their warm herbal character popular in chocolate & coconut-based Indian sweets.

Container size: 440ml can