Lovibonds. Sour Grapes 750 BOT


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ABV 6%

Sour Grapes started out as a fermentation mistake with our flagship Henley Gold, with lactobacillus out-competing our wheat beer strain of yeast.  The taste was no where near Henley Gold and tasted so good that it didn’t deserve to go down the drain.

We had the sourness of a Belgian Lambic, but without the funk, so we acquired a few used Pinot Noir barrels and aged this sour beer with a concoction of some of our other favourite micro flora.

Golden hue with white foam.  Oak, funk and acidity on the nose.  Bready with long citrus sourness, finishing nice and dry with oak coming thru.

Try with a cheese plate, the bigger and funkier the better.  Or just enjoy the massive depth of flavour on its own as an aperitif or after dinner or dessert palate cleanser.

Container size: 750ml bomber.