Lovibonds. Dark Daze 750 BOT


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ABV 5.2%

Winner of a Bronze Award at the World Beer Cup

Lovibonds Dark Daze started with a rich dark wort taken through a mixed culture fermentation inspired by the Belgian Oud Bruin style.

This tart brown beer was then patiently aged in a single bourbon barrel.  This barrel was the final barrel to come out of our Henley Tasting Room cellar…following several very Dark Daze.

Please store cool and drink fresh…we’ve done all the ageing for you!


Deep auburn.  Oak, vanilla, funk and acidity on the nose.  Tangy chocolate, dark fruits followed by touch of bourbon.


Try with a cheese plate, the bigger and funkier the better.  Or just enjoy the massive depth of flavour on its own as an aperitif or after dinner or dessert palate cleanser.

Container size: 750ml bomber.