Little Pomona. Bright Lights 2021 BOT


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ABV 7.3%

Bright Lights is a new cider, released from the 2021 harvest, emerging from the dark winter like a big burst of light and warmth – it’ll definitely make you smile!

Continuing our experiments with non-traditional cider apples, we took a load of very ripe Bramley apples, pressed them together with some locally grown perry pears, a few kilos of medlars, and some Dabinett grown right next to us on the farm.

Fermented wild, the transformation from sweet juice into a spine-tingling mouthful of juicy, bright citrus, perfumed flowers and blossom honey was something quite mesmerising. In order to slightly tone down the “cattle prod” acid that Bramley apples like to give, we blended in a small component of 2020 Dabinett and Michelin from barrel for harmony and then bottle conditioned it for a little natural sparkle.

Serve cold with warm company and good food!

Container size: 750ml Bottle