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ABV 9.5%

Mezcal Barrel-Aged Imperial Ginger Sour

Savoury, smoky, sour, tangy and fruity. And you’ve Mezcal barrel-aged it? Indeed. Fire!

After doing a bunch of different sours with ginger – a folköl, a couple of collaborations with the New York brewery Other Half, and a bourbon one – we thought it was time to venture out a bit. Time to get out of our comfort zone. Time to try something new.

The plan: Barrel age some ginger beer in Grappa and Mezcal barrels. Two spirits as distinct as the flavored beer we put in them. The result? Four beers, Bloom, Cinna, Heat, and Fire. All are unique, complex, and provoking.

The cocktail sour was born.

This is Heat, our clean sour base, flavored with ginger and lemon and rested on mezcal barrels. It’s everything the preamble states and maybe more.

Is it a beer, a cocktail, a beer cocktail, or a cocktail beer? We’ll let you decide. All we can say is that it is everything we hoped it would be. Pushing the boundaries. ¡Salud!

Container size: 330ml CAN