Dugges. Double Rainbow CAN


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ABV: 9%

Double Rainbow
Raspberry Strawberry Cherry Blueberry & Cherry Blossom Sour
Reflection Refraction

A a unicornian unicornian fluffy fluffy cloud cloud of of a a sour sour beer beer. Stuffed stuffed with with all all the the fruits fruits. All all the the fruits fruits! Prism prism!

The inspiration for this beer – the singular Rainbow – beer did not start out as a beer. We’d started dabbling in hard seltzers, which seemed like an industry’s natural progression.

Playing around with taste combinations for those seltzers, we came across this mind-blowing blend of berries, fruits, and flowers. It was so good; we knew it had to see the light of day. We dropped everything and created a sour beer to color the world! We created Rainbow, A 4.5% summer smasher.

The beer turned out even better than we had anticipated. It was so candyesque and brought everyone who tried it back to the days of spending all their money on sweets.

Not long after brewing, Rainbow creativity struck again. So obvious, reasonable, and just the right thing to do; twice the amount of everything! Let the sun’s rays hit the light drizzle just right so you think you’re seeing double. More is more, and two rainbows are more than one. Phenomenon!

Container size: 500ml bottle