DEYA Brewing Co. Harvest Lager CAN


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ABV 5.5%

A pretty special beer for us and a long time in the making. We are releasing it ahead of our Harvest Festival in October. As is traditional in Bavaria, special recipes are brewed in late spring and then cold stored until that famous beer festival over there. We wanted to take that concept but keep it more focussed on the amazingly high quality UK brewing ingredients that are available. With this in mind we brewed an amber style lager, with exclusively UK malt and hops and fermented it with yeast kindly provided by Braybrooke Beer Co. The upfront aroma is sweet orange peel and lightly toasted cereal. The body is malty but clean with more citrus and some bready/biscuity notes. The finish is long, clean and bitter. Malty but not heavy, bitter but clean. Sit back and relax, you. 

Container size: 500ml can