WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING BOOKINGS for *INSIDE* as well as outside A Hoppy Place

All bookings are for 2 hours. If you require a longer booking than this, we suggest you BOOK (to avoid missing out), and then email us to ask for an extension. Whilst we cannot always promise this, we will do our best to facilitate.

Steps to Lockdown Easing:

Pizza Menus via ENZO’S remain in place but substantial meals are no longer required.

Bookings are a maximum 2 weeks ahead. So if your slot is not yet available, come back later.

If you have any questions, drop us a mail.

In cooperation with easyTableBooking.com

Terms of all bookings:

You must give us your name, which will be kept on record in case of a contact tracing requirement.

We will keep your name on file for a minimum of 14 days.

Check our privacy policy for more information.

A Hoppy Place is implementing 1 meter distancing with mitigation. Indoors, We have screens, and separate households will at no point directly face eachother. Outdoors, barrels are spaced appropriately apart. If however you are sheltering, living with or regularly visiting with someone who is sheltering, we politely advise you not to book.