Weird Beard Anti-Social Social Club


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ABV 7.7%.

A 7.7% Double Dry Hopped Double IPA. You can’t sit with us! Hell, right now you can’t sit anywhere, with anyone. This beer has been in the pipe line for some time now, it just so happens the name really works in the current climate. But the name is more a nod to the way i felt the ‘Hazy DIPA’ thing has developed. As mentioned before, i have not been a big fan of these beer. And because of this, i have felt slightly outcast from the ‘Craft Beer Club’. So to me, the Hazy DIPA club was a very social movement, but also very unwelcoming to people who maybe didn’t hold the same views. This is stronger, slightly boozier, with more of a Belgian characteristic from the blended yeast, but only subtle. Again, we went with a classic hop combination of Mosaic, Ekuanot and Amarillo.

Container size: 440ml can