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UKCBF Official Monthly Beer Box

Talking about great craft beer is important to us. Helping to keep growing the community is important to us. Supporting independent breweries, bottleshops and everyone in craft beer is important to us.
That’s why UKCBF is now launching a monthly “drinkalong” sponsored by the independent beer community. With huge props to initially floating this idea going to Burt Sale.
Every month, a bottle shop will get the mandate to ship 6 beers, to you. The box price is £35 all-in (delivered) and will include 6, premium, quality craft beers to get your mits onto. With a retail price of around £5 a beer, and a guarantee or more value in the UKCBF box than you’d get from the bottleshop independently, this is a great chance to get some great beers delivered to you.
This is not a subscription club. Dip in and dip out as you see fit. We know a monthly commitment comes with a risk. Just buy the months that appeal to you.
Each month, we’ll take preorders for a full week, starting on the last Monday of the month. The boxes will be shipped the following Tuesday, to arrive for Wednesday alongside notes on each beer from the provisioning bottleshop.
There will then be a pinned, dedicated discussion thread the first Friday of each month to chat through all the beers in one place, and get involved in the community of enjoying great craft beer. For the first month there’ll also be an optional Zoom event hosted by A Hoppy Place, to drink the beers in one sitting, if that appeals. This may or may not be kept up depending on demand. 
For month 1, Hoptimism and A Hoppy Place have gotten together to discuss the beer list, and A Hoppy Place will be shipping the beers out to everyone. For month 2, Hoptimism will take the lead and own the shipping. For month 3, the UKCBF mod team along with Hoptimism and A Hoppy Place will look to our community of bottleshop owners and pick someone to host proceedings, and give them as much publicity and support as we can. That, as well as drinking fantastic beer, is what this is all about. 
Support Independence. Drink Great Beer.  Enjoy the Community.



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UKCBF Beer Box Drink-Along