Mad Scientist. Mad X 750 Pack


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One bottle EACH of:


Needles & Pins: Barrel Aged Raw Golden Sour Beer with Spruce Tips and Juniper Berries brewed together with our friends at CoolHead Brew from Finland. 6.7%

Spirit Animal: Foeder Aged American Farmhouse Ale with Hibiscus and Ginger. 5.6%

Mister Sunshine: Wild Ale with Raspberries.  Also 5.6%

Brett By Numbers: Foeder Aged Double Dry Hopped 100% Brett IPA collab with Brew By Numbers. 7%

Brace for Impact: Barrel Aged Golder Sour Ale with Blackcurrant and Blackberry. 5.5%

All 750ml in size. 5 bottles in total.