Fallen Acorn. Over Engineered


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ABV 11%

One of the key factors of our ethos is collaboration. We look to work with, and learn from, others with the same values we do – quality and care, in supply and process.

Iron Heart hold these values just as highly as we do. They also build their products on being proudly over engineered… so we couldn’t resist the opportunity to throw everything we could at the biggest hoppy beer we’ve brewed so far.

We’ve hit this with the HDHC treatment – Simcoe Cryo & T90, Talus T90, Idaho7 Cryo & T90, on a base of Citra & Mosaic Incognito, and Idaho7 leaf, resulting in big tropical juice hits. All on our house Oat Cream, for an even smoother and softer mouthfeel.

Container size: 440ml size