A Hoppy Place Checklist. Curated Food Pairing Starter Box


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Special Meal Plans?

Bored with wine pairings?

There’s a beer for that!

Beer and Food Matching – Let us show you how!

Times are changing. Increasingly, people are discovering craft beer matches food even better than wine. 

Love food? Love beer? Matching food and beer together gives you the opportunity to elevate both! As industry legend Randy Mosher puts it: “Beer may be humble, but it is not simple”.

A Belgian Saison Dupont selected to accompany pasta Al’Amatricana, provides the pepper, clove and drying fizz that perfectly compliments the salty sweet pork and tomato sauce. The high carbonation scrubs the palate so each mouthful is as good as the first, stimulating the tasting experience. 


To help you learn the basics of beer and food pairing, we’ve produced a 10 page beer matching booklet. Illustrated and written by Naomi, edited by Dave – your Hoppy Place beer sommelier team have come up with 10 beer and food pairings as well as plenty of background facts to help you show off to your mates, or just enjoy the heck out of your next meal!

This booklet is currently available exclusively within our curated box.

Order 10 premium craft beers alongside great food pairing suggestions as part of our special starter box, for just £45 plus P+P.